Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chad: children used to test "vaccine" suffer horrible consequences

On December 2012 five hundred children from Gouro, Chad, were rounded up at school and forced to be administered an injection said to be a vaccine against meningitis A, under the threat that otherwise they will not get access to superior education. The children were injected without their parents' knowledge.

This "vaccine" seems to be an untested drug, still in process of experimentation, and this experimentation in humans was surely the goal that the fake charity wanted to achieve. 

Soon the children suffered headaches, vomits, convulsions and even severe paralysis. The fake vaccinators run away from the village then. A physician took five days to arrive and when he did, there was nothing he could do. Finally some 50 children were moved to hospitals in Faya and Djamena, where some children from other villages also arrived.

But the children were soon brought back to their villages without even a single document being filled. Informally the families were given a payment said to amount to more than €1000 and verbally told that their children did not suffer any harm from the vaccine.

However at least 40 children have become paralyzed. Seven children were flown to Tunis, along with some other 20 patients whose data is not known. The doctors there reported that the adverse reaction from the vaccine was without consequences. Still one child had to be attended for amygdalitis, while others were reported to have other illnesses.

That was the official version. The parents tell a very different and rather horrific story: children keep suffering violent uncontrolled convulsions, falling unexpectedly to the ground. Prior to the "vaccination" the children were in good health and there had never been any meningitis case in the region. 

Sources: WG[es], Vactruth

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