Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Greece: bourgeois camp clearly heading to outright fascism

Two news snippets from I can't relax in Greece evidence how the conservative party (ND) in government (with necessary support from the so-called "moderate left") is clearly paving the way for the worst kind of fascism in the European country. 

Compulsory and arbitrary arrests for HIV tests

On one side the new Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiadis, has re-issued a decree allowing police to arbitrarily arrest people to have them made forced HIV tests. The measure was in place previously for several months until it was suspended because of popular outcry. 

However in the time it was in place many people, mostly women, were arbitrarily arrested and those who tested positive saw their names and personal data published by the government, who accused them without evidence of being "prostitutes" and "a time bomb". 

The 17 women were not just publicly defamed but kept in jail for months and subjected to a mock trial in which they were accused of "intended bodily injury". They were finally acquitted and released in March.

This is the kind of human rights abuses one would expect of a Nazi regime, right? Exactly like the massive concentration camps for immigrants, allowing police to be penetrated to the marrow by the Nazi Party (Golden Dawn) or tolerating Nazi thugs to scare the hell out of the judge who was going to try one of them. 

Forming government with the Nazis

But is looks like it will get worse: after next elections, if maths allow, they will join forces directly with the Nazis. 

That is at least what Vryonas Polydoras declared this week when asked if they would join forces with Golden Dawn to form government: "of course". 

Polydoras, who used to be minister and speaker in Parliament, added:
We demonstrate sensitivity towards Golden Dawn, which got 600,000 votes [in the last election], will get one million [votes in the next] and we have memories of the Weimar constitution. We remember the Weimar constitution.

One wonders what he means with the references to Weimar, probably that the bourgeois collaboration of parties like his own or like PASOK in the rise of Hitler was "right".  Probably the guy thinks that anything is valid against socialism and he is surely ready to burn the Greek Parliament and blame the commies, exactly as the Nazis did with the Reichstag eighty years ago.

Update: example of highly unequal treatment to Anarchist and Fascists for the same crime


Sakkas K. He was arrested and is held in pre-trial detention for 30 months without trial. Accusation: Anarchist and possessing illegally a weapon (pistol)

Chaidas A. & Drakos P. Golden Dawn members who were arrested and were released immediately. Accusation: Possessing illegally a weapon (pistol, knifes, metal stick)


Notice that pre-trial detention beyond 18 months is illegal and therefore Kostas Sakkas is in hunger strike for his rights.

Source: From the Greek Streets


  1. Must say the News coming out of Europe is not very cheerful these days. Couple of Ministers have quit in Portugal and so have Vatican's top banking officials. I wonder what is the Law of the EU regarding interfering in the internal Governance of Member States and Human Rights.

    1. "I wonder what is the Law of the EU regarding interfering in the internal Governance of Member States and Human Rights".

      If I understand your question correctly, there is a non-EU European Court of Human Rights tr with almost no punitive power. That's all. For example this court ruled a year ago that Basque prisoner Inés del Río was illegally held for longer than her sentence allowed and she's still in jail. While Spain is bound by treaty to accept the ruling, in practice it considers it a matter of opinion.


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