Saturday, July 6, 2013

Basque Country: San Fermin fiestas begin with unprecedented delay

The highly unpopular, and therefore illegitimate, Navarrese and Pamplonese authorities have made once again all in their hand again to impede the popular demands from being present in the txupin (firework shooting, official beginning of the fiestas), notably Basque flags.

Their Spanish nationalist zeal was such that they delayed for the first time in history the txupin in order to allow police forces to remove a Basque flag that had been hang above the plaza by a group of people wearing berets and fake beards.

The march that carried a large Basque flag to the City Hall Plaza was blocked by police forces, with some use of violence. Only after they folded it they were allowed to continue. Smaller flags were allowed in however.

In the incident, people chanted in favor of prisoners to come back home and for police forces to go away instead. They also demanded that ruling Spanish Nationalist party UPN to resign.

Sources: Naiz Info[es], video from Ateak Ireki.

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