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Palestine: weekly resistance report

From Ilan Against the Wall (slightly edited in format only):

The struggle of the Bedouins within Israel against the mass transfer since the 1948 war expand to the whole of Israel and even to the areas conquered in the 1967. In addition to the regular locations of joint struggle in the 1967 areas: Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Ma'asarah, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, Sheikh Jarah, and South of Hebron hills the Bedouins struggle drew more and more activists of the anarchists against the wall. The Arakib village struggle expand immensely with the Praver plan as the focus. Preparations for the August one actions are in vigor. Previous Saturday, a big joint demo in Rahat - the biggest town of the Bedouin region tens of thousands already transfered to:
After the demo many activist traveled to the Al-Arakib village already demolished more than 50 times in the last three years.

The village of Al-Arakib was re-built

Demonstration against the demolition of the village Al-Araqib. for 3 years this village was demolished again and again and was rebuilt. On Saturday we stood in solidarity with the village people.

Following the first 'Day of Rage' against the planned uprooting of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin in the Naqab (Negev) on July 15, Palestinian activists inside Israel have called a second 'Day of Rage' for August 1. On July 15, thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel along with Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and regional refugee camps, held numerous demonstrations against the so-called Prawer Plan being advanced by the Israeli government. Protesters marched, blocked roads, and were violently dispersed by security services (including several arrests). This second 'Day of Rage' promises to be even bigger, as Palestinians assert their opposition to a plan condemned just this week by UN human rights chief Navi Pillay.


Friday July 26. Tracking and detention of Palestinian activists // Call for access to water During the weekly protest, on the third Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan, Israeli Forces detained Mahmoud Aladeen (27), member of the Popular Struggle Committee and tracked Mahmoud Zwahre (42), coordinator of the PSC, after questioning him and holding his car for couple hours. As Zwahre was arriving in the village in his car, police border officer immediately recognized him and stopped him for questioning. Zwahre found a way to escape but he was then hunted down for an hour, soldiers entering and searching houses. Aladeen, who was with him in the car, could not get away and was detained for three hours.

The march started after the noon prayer, calling to end the Israeli occupation and its unequal exploitation of West Bank resources, focusing on access to water. For the past two month, there is not a single drop of water reaching Al Ma’asara and other villages of southern West Bank. Despite the high temperature and the particular circumstances of Ramadan, most of Palestinian villages and towns don’t have access to the necessary quantity of water and some are completely deprived.

The Local Council of South Bethlehem area requested Israeli authorities’ explanation about the restrictions on water; they were retorted that the PA is gathering all water resources toward the main cities of Bethlehem, Alhul and Hebron. But from the PA perspective the blame rests on the Israeli authorities who monopolize water for the welfare of illegal settlements.

Today Friday 26.07.2013 - In the demo participated an Italian Parliamentary delegation led by Luisa Morgantini (former vice president of the European parliament). Members of the PSC gave a comprehensive explanation about the Israeli violations in Bil’in for the past eight years; and they explain the strategy of the popular resistance in Palestine.

The march started after Friday prayers from the center of the village toward the Apartheid wall protecting Modiin settlement. The participants: dozen of the AATW initiative, two dozen internationals, and Palestinian villagers raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans calling to end the occupation, to demolish the Apartheid wall and to free Palestinian political prisoners. As soon as the march reached the area near the wall, Israeli soldiers, protected behind the wall, fired rubber bullets, tear gas and sound grenades at demonstrators.

Two were injured during Bil'in weekly protest. Journalist Haitham al-Khatib (37) was hit by a tear gas canister in his back clearly aimed at him by Israeli soldiers; "in the weekly demonstration against the wall, the Israeli army threw tear gas directly at protesters. I was hit by a tear gas canister while I was taking pictures. One other protester was shot at the leg with a rubber coated steel bullet and lots of people suffered from the inhalation of the gas" and Mahmoud Samara (18) was injured by a rubber bullet in his leg. Both are reported to be well now. In addition, it was few cases of suffocation after inhaling tear gas were reported.

From early morning, Nabi Saleh was declared by the Israeli military as a “closed military zone“. The weekly protest of Nabi Saleh, headed mainly by women and children, calls to end Israeli occupation, and focused today on the prisoners’ issue. Activists chanted slogans in support for the Palestinians prisoners in Israeli prisons, for the hunger strikers among them Abadallah Barghouti and Muhamed Rimawi.

The group marched from the center of the village and attempted to reach the spring which was confiscated by the nearby settlement of Halamish. But as every Friday, the Israeli Forces attacked the non violent protest with a massive use of tear gas and rubber bullets. No injuries were reported.
Regardless, the Popular Struggle Committees will never stop their struggle against the Israeli occupation.

David Reeb

26 07 2013

Friday, June 26, 2013, weekly demonstration in the West bank village Qaddum - located east of Qalqiliya, against the permanent road block preventing free access to the regional town Nablus, the occupation and the encroaching settlements. There have been regular demonstrations in Kfer Qaddum since July, 2011, protesting the blocking of the main road east of the village which used to link it to Nablus.

During the demonstration in the village Shabab throws stones at an army bulldozer invading village.

Yotam Ronen

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