Monday, July 8, 2013

Basque Country: San Fermin parade march under the demand of the People to oust the government

The San Fermin institutional parade that every day officially opens the fiestas has found itself drowned by the massive popular demand for the extremely corrupt and illegitimate government to resign. While the authorities marched under heavy police protection, the crowds chanted: "UPN kanpora!" (UPN out!). 

The Navarrese People's Union (UPN) is a "regionalist" party tightly allied with the Spanish Nationalist Right (PP) and is not just extremely opposed to the recovery of the Basque identity, language and culture of Navarre, never mind joining the other Southern Basque regions politically, but also has demonstrated in the last years to be one of the worst institutional looters of Europe, being so extremely and blatantly corrupt that they will no doubt lose the government for the first time in decades as soon as there are free elections. 

Video of the parade:

Source: Ateak Ireki[es].

Txupin for prisoners get harassed by police

A group of Navarrese citizens also wanted to make the fiestas reach, even if just symbolically, to the prison. Therefore they launched their own alternative txupin (sound firework) near the prison (photo) and organized a lunch.

A van of the Spanish National Police showed up, forcing the identification of the activists with very aggressive attitude, while from prison it could be heard the protests against the cops: "assassins", "antiterrorist law for them", "son of a bitch"...

When the activists were already leaving, some police agents used their batons against them. 

Source: Ateak Ireki[es].

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