Thursday, June 23, 2011

Punks Against Apartheid show the middle finger to Jello

Well, some are more polite but anyhow.

There is a campaign going on to dissuade classical punk musician Jello Biafra (former member of Dead Kennedys) from performing in Apartheid Palestine (aka Israel).

Biafra did not look your usual fascist brainless punkster like Johnny Rotten: at least he has made some political activity (run for the Green Party presidential candidature with someone of the dignity level of Mumia Abu Jamal) and coined the popular phrase Don't hate the media, become the media.

He seems to have a couple of neurones, so to say. So why is he breaking the cultural and academic boycott to Israel and traveling there in a gig? Your hunch is as good as mine.

Whatever the case, Punks Against Apartheid has initiated a campaign against this performance: they are collecting signatures HERE and asking for activists to show Jello the finger in France, Switzerland and Finland, where he is performing before going to the Zionist terrorist colonies of Israel.

Biafra has suddenly made his Facebook page private, meaning that you cannot leave comments anymore. 

Some videos telling Jello to refrain himself from showing support for Nazi Israel:

Israeli anarchist (from Anarchists Against the Wall):

Deaf filmmaker Sabina England (Artists Against Apartheid):

Remember that you can sign the Punks Against Apartheid petition.

Update (Jun 29): Eventually Biafra decided to cancel his gig in Tel Aviv but he has issued such a jerky ultra-Zionist statement that I wish he'd done what he had planned to do an let things more clear.

Read what the Electronic Intifada has to say.

My opinion is that this guy is not the compromised lefty that some people feel he is, but actually someone with no idea of what is going on and totally brainwashed by the Zionist propaganda.

He says: This does not mean I or anyone else in the band are endorsing or joining lockstep with the boycott of all things Israel. Erm, then why bother? Either you boycott Israel or yo do not but why then suspend this actuation if you don't give a dime about the boycott to Israel, i.e. to Apartheid in Palestine?

He then charges against something he calls the 'drive all the Jews into the sea' crowd. This is the oldest Zionist trick ever. They even used it against this US veteran journalist Helen Thomas! This is about ending Apartheid and foreign (Jewish) occupation of Palestine. There is no notion of "driving the Jews out to the sea", even if that may be the end result if the Apartheid, the occupation and the genocide continue. What we demand is an end to Israel, a return of the refugees, a unified Palestinian state and that, after returning all stolen property and rights, all those rooted Jews who wish to stay do so.

But first is the Palestinian People, because they, as native people, oppressed people and exterminated people, have a much greater right than the colonists from overseas. These in any non-racist concept of justice come necessarily second, after all the abuses have been repaired.

En fin: I really hate that guy, makes all Punks look bad.

Tito Kayak climbed it in 2007
A small victory: Israel to dismantle one of the most bitterly fought sectors of the Apartheid Wall. 

You may have heard of Bil'in, where weekly nonviolent protests take place demanding farmers' access to their lands. Access blockaded by the wall of shame and the happy trigger of the Zionazi soldiers that guard it.

A court ruling has now forced that sector to be dismantled. The camera tower (left) was already demolished yesterday.

Source: Anarchists Against the Wall.

The tower is down now

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