Wednesday, June 8, 2011

European Revolution? Athens, Stockholm, Kiev...

Different peoples through Europe are suffering the same inviable agonizing system and waking up to its failure and the need to radically change it. There's some lack of radical grasp in my opinion (they often fear communism and the need of economic democracy) but still many of the criticisms launched are perfectly valid and necessary and they are demands that the Capitalist system cannot and will not be able to match, like sacrificing the banks instead of the people.


The brave Greek People continue their fight against the nightmare imposed by IMF and EU in the name of the banksters:


In the line of the May 15 movement, there seems to be people organizing and protesting in Stockholm and elsewhere in Europe. The numbers in the Nordic capital seem still small but the explanations provided of why things are so wrong and why to rise up are quite interesting (the speaker seems to have some basics in economics and is fluent in English):


Ukranians have gone to the streets demanding that education remains affordable for all.

One Humankind, one struggle!

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