Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greek traitor Parliament approves selling off the nation while this one burns in rage

The infamous Delta motorcycle police attacked Syntagma Square while the metro stations cried unanimously that the Junta did not end in 1973. That's how the first hours after midnight of the second journey of general strike went. 

The violence of the police came from the day before and continued along the whole day. The incidents of beatings, arrests, clashes, marches, gasings... are many, the images and videos pile up. 

The government offices of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace are occupied by thirty people in Komotini.

People cry: Bread, education, freedom! The junta did not end in 1973!

Accesses to Parliament are blockaded for hours in spite of police violence.

Social expropriation of Church property is announced in Thessalonikí by the brave Autonomists who take the offices of "God" in the capital of the North. 

By noon the barriers sent by the police before Parliament no longer exist: people tore them down. Clashes grow in Syntagma Square as result.

In Chania, Crete, the town hall is occupied and the offices of PASOK (ruling party) vandalized.

Barriers are re-erected and police attack the people with more and more tear gas. The sun is high over Athens. The People resist in spite of all.

Bread, Education and Freedom! The Junta did not end in 1973! 

The Labor Center at Kozani (West Macedonia's capital) is occupied to serve as information point. 

Police attack medics and nurses repeatedly. 

New weapons are reportedly used by motorcycle cops: rubber bullets and an unspecified new type of grenade. 

They also throw stones back at demonstrators - the marbles of the five star hotels recycled as ammunition...

In spite of all police charges, the blood, the anger, the exhaustion... in the evening Syntagma Square is as full of people as at dawn.

Tear gas everywhere, even inside train stations. There is obviously enough budget for that. 

The infamous Delta motorcycle riding cops run after demonstrators in the Old Quarter. 

Gratuitous police beatings in Syntagma, ambulances prevented to enter.

Hundreds demonstrate in Heraklion, Crete, against police violence in Athens.

No work leaves for riot police this week. 

Demonstrations in Lesbos, Chios, Patras...

Thousands march in Thessalonikí to the city hall, they aim to occupy it. Police take positions... 

It is already midnight again. 

A Popular Assembly takes place in the occupied city hall of Chania. 

If this is not a revolution I do not know what it is. 

And ah, yes, in the meanwhile an irrelevant Parliament with zero legitimacy passed a law of robbery permission for foreign and local banksters at the expense of the people and the nation. Will they succeed in this betrayal?

OXI means NO in Greek, ixo rai means fuck off in Aragonese.

Based on the minute to minute chronicle at Contra Info. Photos from La Haine, which also has a video gallery.

La Haine also has a communication[es] by the Media Center of Syntagma Square denouncing the violent attempt of clearing the square and calling for a return. They end in relation to the illegitimate Parliament:

We do not leave until they leave. They are 155, we are millions.

Update: very impressive photos at Cryptome.

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