Sunday, June 19, 2011

Multitudes converge into Madrid against Capitalism

Six columns of demonstrators have marched from the suburbs of Madrid into the center, kept away from the building of Parliament only by the deployment of police and the clear intention of this occasion being a peaceful one. As they marched they incorporated more and more people and while I know of no figures at the moment, the air images I have seen suggest hundreds of thousands, maybe one million. 

The march is part of a pan-European journey of protest against the EuroPact, a deal against social conquests and for the wildest forms of capitalist exploitation, notably:
  • Forcing real wages down by suppressing indexation (automatic yearly rising to match inflation)
  • Raising pension ages, just because (not that there are jobs for elderly people, you know, or for anybody at all)
  • Capping sovereign indebtedness by states, regardless of social and economic circumstances
The federation of assemblies calling the march says:
  • No to labor, pension or social cuts
  • Against unemployment, workers' struggle
  • Down with prices, up with salaries
  • More taxes for those who earn more
  • In defense of public services: not to privatization of health care, education, savings banks, etc.
  • Regardless of origin, long live the unity of the working class
There are marches this evening elsewhere in the state and surely also through Europe, though at the moment I am unaware of the details. 
Source: La Haine[es] (includes photos and videos) and Coordinadora de Pueblos y Barrios en Lucha[es].

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