Monday, June 13, 2011

Petraeus, Bagram and Afghan prisoners

Bagram cell
I gather here information from two related articles from that excellent news site on the Middle East that is Uruknet.

One denounces the situation of the thousands arrested at US military base of Bagram, near Kabul, where the rights of inmates are as non-existent as in Guantanamo or even worse, where torture happens every day and where people has been arrested for years and years without any sort of trial, just as any Count of Montecristo you might imagine:

The other one clarifies that 90% of US so-called Taliban prisoners, at least since current proconsul and will-be CIA director, David Petraeus, took direct command, are mere random civilians captured for no reason at all (or at least no good reason).

Luckily for most of them, they were released within days. But still half of those who reached Bagram were eventually proclaimed innocent.

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