Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Revolutionary movement extends to France and Italy

Thousands took centric plazas at Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon and at least 23 more cities across the Republic.

French military police (Gendarmerie) intervened against those camped at La Bastille as seen in the video below. They were resisted peacefully by people singing The International.

While the police threw pepper spray against the demonstrators, these accused them of terrorism.

La police évacue violemment les indignés de... por Tele-liberte

While I have yet no details on what is going on in Italy right now, I do have some photos that appear recent and in line with the movement for Real Democracy Now or movement of the Indignant that is sweeping Europe:

Also another video from Greece (multitudes besieging Parliament):

And yet another video that gathers in one some of the main protests happening from the USA to Greece against the decadent Capitalist robbery.

A outraged young boy in New York says it very clear (0:40): They're stealing from the poor, who need all their things to live, and giving it all to the rich. It makes no sense!

Source: La Haine[es].

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