Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Egyptian Junta decrees to punish worker strikes and protests with Pentagon's blessings

The evolution of the Egyptian revolution is far from satisfactory, it seems. The situation, in spite of elections announcement, remains pretty much like under Mubarak. Crucially, the Junta has passed an emergency decree that punishes striking workers and protesters with jail (at least one year) and brutal fines ($5000 to $83,000!!!)

This was decreed on June 8th. Immediately after plain clothes policemen showed up before Parliament, where students, farmers and workers were protesting, and arrested many of them.

A week ago army and police together attacked some 2000 striking rail workers in Sharqia governorate. Two of them were taken to an unknown destination.

US Admiral Michael Mullen, de facto Imperial top commander (under the every day more irrelevant role of the President of the USA), incidentally visting Egypt that very day, blessed the decree declaring that the Egyptian Junta:
... very clearly understands that security is absolutely critical to the continuing of this smooth transition to democracy.
Adding cynically that: Americans know... democracy is very difficult.

Ironically, opposition politicians like Mohamed el-Baradei or Hamdeem Sabahi, insist all the time that protesting against the Military Junta is a red line that must not be crossed. By doing that they are betraying the Egyptian people and the very notion of democracy. 

But polls show that none of them musters any relevant support among Egyptians. Even the so much wooed Muslim Brotherhood only seems able to secure some 15% of the potential vote. 

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