Monday, June 20, 2011

Massive anti-capitalist demos in all the state of Spain and other parts of Europe

I just mentioned the huge demo of Madrid, let's mention what else happened in the state of Spain this Sunday of struggle against the ultra-capitalist policies of the EU.


In Barcelona 270,000 marched in spite of the manipulations of the Spanish media that pretended to associate the movement with violence, in what was a clear police sabotage

People demanded a general strike while at the same time criticizing the major unions, who have signed everything without even attempting to fight. 

On June 26th a coordination of neighborhood assemblies will take place in Plaça Catalunya.

Source: Diagonal, Esquerda.

Basque Country: quite impressive participation also in the four Basque demonstrations:

Other places where there are news of massive demonstrations are:

Xixón (Gijón, Asturias), where some 14,000 people marched through the city. 

Alacant (Alicante, Valencian Country), where 15,000 demonstrators stood for change according to police:

Youth without future... without home, without job, without pension, without fear

A Coruña (Galicia), where some 10,000 people marched to Plaza María Pita, incorporating meanwhile delegations arrived from nearby towns and peripheral neighborhoods:

A Coruña
Cuenca (small Castilian city): 800 people.

These are not all demos, just the ones I have info about (at least also in Granada and Málaga). Watch for updates.

[Update] Valencia: 80,000 marched to the City Hall which was cordoned with "the longest poem ever", courtesy of the Valencian People.

Source: Diagonal.

[Update Jun 23]: Canary Islands: 30,000 people, half in each provincial capital. Source: La Haine[es], including two videos.

Elsewhere in Europe:

Paris (France): There was also a demonstration in the capital of the Hexagon, which resulted in 100 people arrested at Nôtre Dame, where they had moved from the original site at the Town Hall, where public works made impossible the demonstration (sources: Esquerda, Gara).

Lisbon and Oporto (Portugal): Some 500 people took to the streets in the Lusitanian capital, while a few dozens did in Oporto (source: Esquerda).

Brussels (Belgium):  Police used tear gas against the several dozens demonstrators who gathered in the district of Ixelles (source: Gara).

[Update Jun 23]: Luxembourg: 10,000 people (from all around Europe). Source and video:

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