Saturday, June 18, 2011

UK deports citizens to USA for copyright misdemeanors

Richard O'Dwyer
The United Kingdom has no dignity left whatsoever: after sending Asperger-sufferer Gary McKinnon to their imperial masters for peaking into the Pentagon's computers with no consequence and claiming that 9/11 was an inside job (apparently the true reason behind the extradition), now like any vassal Colombia it is set to deport yet another young man for comitting an Internet misdemeanor: linking to download sites. 

Anywhere else on Earth, nothing would happen, not even in the USA most probably, but in Britain Richard O'Dwyer now faces to end in one of those US extermination prisons just for posting links to downloads. 

Where is the European Court of Human Rights? Where is British dignity? Nowhere to be seen it seems to me: they must be too busy bombing universities in Tripoli or arming narco-criminals in Mexico and Colombia or kissing the hairy ass of Benjamin Netanyahu.

News story at The Guardian.

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