Monday, June 13, 2011

Good news: Berlusconi's last atrocities massively rejected at referendum

Before being kicked out of power altogether, something that no doubt will happen very soon, the infamous Italian Prime Minister attempted to leave an even deeper scar in the flesh of Italy: three laws to reinstate nuclear power (abolished in 1990), privatization of water services and legal immunity for himself and other ministers. 

Italians in full exercise of democracy have vetoed all three laws. 57% of all adult citizens voted, with 95% voting in favor of the proposals, that is: against Berlusconi's dangerous laws. 

Now we have only to wait for Bunga Bunga to be put to trial and sent to prison to spent the rest of his life. He should have been dumped in a cell 20 years ago anyhow as he's been all this time guilty of corruption and incredible abuse of power.

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