Monday, June 6, 2011

Spanish Police kills Ecuadorian man

The Citizen Watchtower for the Control of Police reports (via Infomiranda and Sare Antifaxista) of a death in an incident in which police attacked some Ecuadorian immigrants at a local football match in Miranda de Ebro (formally Castile but historically akin to the Basque Country and a major riot police base for use in Basque territory mostly). 

The victim, a man aged 45, was pushed in the attack and fell hit the corner of a sidewalk, dying on the spot. Another person who was filming with a mobile phone was also attacked and the telephone robbed.

The Citizen Watchtower for the Control of Police (Observatorio Ciudadno por el Control de la Policía) denounce that these aggressions are not anything new but that since a person has been killed, they demand a throughout investigation. 

Petition that will surely remain unheard, mind you.

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