Saturday, June 25, 2011

Other four people dead and 74 injured yesterday in Peru students' protest

Alan García seems to want to be put to trial for crimes against humankind: his last days of mandate are all covered in blood. I just mentioned that five people were killed in Juliaca and I read now that other four were murdered in Huancavelica, further Northeast, in the center of Peru. 

Three of them killed by police forces either by shot or beatings: Oswaldo Quispe Lázaro, 22, Iván Cora Quispe, 30 and Davyi Huallalani Martínez, 14. A fourth demonstrator, Julio Páucar, died accidentally while flipping a truck over a to set up a barricade.

Local police admitted that there were police infiltrated among the protesters and that the deaths happened in the context of fights between these plain-clothes policemen and demonstrators. They admitted to have live ammunition (bullets and pellets) to repress the protests.

The protests mean to prevent that half of the local university's budget goes to a semi-private project that they consider unnecessary in nearby Tayacaja, in the same region, that has only 450,000 inhabitants as a whole. They argue that this project only obeys to political reasons and that it does not consider the real educative needs of the region. 

According to Ana Delgado (La Haine), some 270 social conflicts are extremely hot around the country as outgoing President Alan García faces his last 40 days in power. Then President elect Ollanta Humala will assume power, hopefully for the better.

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