Monday, June 6, 2011

Humala to become President of Peru

The recount at the Peruvian Presidential elections yesterday gave already a safe (even if narrow) victory to Ollanta Humala versus the candidate of the Empire and oligarchy, Keiko Fujimori, who had all the support of the media. 

In the worst case, Peruvians would have chosen the lesser evil and would have appointed the first President of the Republic whose blood comes largely from the first inhabitants and not colonists, be them European or Japanese. This is particularly important as Peruvians are 45% Native Americans and another 37% is considered Mestizo, which in Peru is probably just Native who have lost their language and cultural roots. That is as much as 82% of Native and Mestizo Peruvians. However, like many other American states, Peru has suffered from a deeply rooted (albeit not institutionalized) racist society that pushed Native Americans and Mestizos to serve the tiny Creole oligarchy of European ancestry (15% of the population). It has been that way since the time of Pizarro but it is beginning to change.

More difficult is to discern where will Humala and his Peruvian Nationalist Party lead the country in the near future. It is clear in any case that he has good relations with neighboring Bolivia's Evo Morales, who pledged his support already in the 2006 elections, when he ran against Alan García, losing by a tiny margin. 

Humala is openly Bolivarian, that is, he adheres to the notion of the Greater Fatherland proposed by Simón Bolívar for Spanish-speaking America, and has a loosely left-wing political program, which is more like center-left. Nothing too radical in principle, as the main tenet of his program seems to be nationalism. It is this aspect what is really welcome because Peru was the penultimate US neocolony in South America and with Humala's victory, no doubt, the Empire loses another pillar and the Colombian narco-state becomes a bit more isolated.

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