Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Worker protests in China last week


Immigrant workers from Sichuan clashed for several days with Chinese police at Guangzhou (Canton) after a pregnant street vendor, Wang Lianmei, from that origin was abused by corrupt police officers.

The clashes began on Friday and may have ended by Monday only. After burning a government building at Zengcheng industrial suburb, thousands of Sichuanese workers marched angrily towards Guangzhou's center after a rumor that Wang's husband had been killed. The riot was only stopped when he appeared at a press conference confirming he and his wife were alright.


A thousand or so workers rioted in Chaozhou, Guangdong, after a capitalist and some thugs beat a worker on a pay conflict. Several cars were destroyed and nine people were arrested. Initially the capitalist and his thugs remained at large but after the Zengcheng riot, police also arrested them on fears of greater protests if they did not. 


Thousands stormed the government building in this city upon the death under police custody of Ran Jianxin, who had been investigating police and government corruption.

Strike at Changchun (Manchuria)

Some 400 workers of a Korean-owned tyre factory (Kumho) striked for improved wages (80% get just basic salary of less then $150 per month and no benefits). The strike was a success, having their salaries almost doubled and getting away with no penalty for the action (strikes are illegal in socialist China).

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