Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Basque politician's arrest averted by popular action

Nonviolent resistance around Basque politician Aurore Martin prevented the French military police (gendarmerie) from effectively arresting her at Biarritz just hours ago.

Spain wants Martin extradited because of being member of Batasuna, a party that, ironically enough, is still legal in France and that, in any case, is a major force in the Basque Country, representing plenty of Basque citizens.  

Martin struggles with three masked policemen in turn surrounded by citizens
This is one of those cases in which the institutions of the European Union, in this case the so-called euro-order (order of automatic arrest and extradition without trial), is being used to destroy the civil and human rights of Europeans ourselves. 

Police asked for reinforcements but the popular shield has also been reinforced so it is plausible that they may have to give up... at least by the moment. 

Citizens and politicians in the Northern Basque Country are generally quite sensitized against  the lack of civil and human rights in Spain, specially for Basques, and specially about the always-looming danger of arbitrary arrests, torture and unfair political trials.

Sources: Gara[es], Kazeta[eu].

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