Sunday, June 5, 2011

Police assaults camps at Lisbon, Barcelona and Lleida

There are reports that the Portuguese police charged against the protest camp at O Rossio in the center of Lisbon, destroying the tents and charging against maybe a hundred people who were there.

In Catalonia also, autonomous police attacked again the camp at Barcelona and the one at Lleida as well, as denounces Antikapitalistak.

Police violence against a citizen in Barcelona (source)

This does not seem to stop the movement, which has called for a camp before the Catalan Parliament next June 11, as budget will be debated. 

These days there is also a state-wide meeting of delegates from the various camps. 

Where there is no faltering is in Greece, where the people is basically living in the streets these days, while the government, which has lost all legitimacy in few months, has signed a sell-off pact with the Capitalist International (EU, IMF). It is unclear whether this sell-off will pass the vote in Parliament: the ruling PASOK has a narrow majority and there is a real risk that some of their members will vote against the pact, forcing anticipated elections and probably plain bankruptcy. 

In the current circumstances elections may well mean that the Left (three different parties at the left of the PASOK) would take over Parliament. It is unlikely that the Right, widely perceived as the main culprit and a nest of corruption, can benefit from this situation.

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