Thursday, June 9, 2011

77% French hope to abandon nuclear energy

The nuclear map of France (source)
As you may know the French Republic is the only state on Earth that is more reliant on nuclear energy than on any other source (75%). However, according to a recent poll, 77% of French citizens would like an abandonment of such dangerous gamble with their lives. 62% hope for a gradual closure of all plants in 20-30 years, while 15% would like that abandonment to happen suddenly, in the shortest possible time frame. 

Sarko pretends to keep the old Gaullist energy strategy but it seems obvious after Fukushima that the risks and hidden costs (what to do with residues, etc.) are much bigger than any non-military benefit. 

Meanwhile Germany has already signed for a total closure of nuclear power plants for the year 2022 (that's just a decade but even this time frame seems too long for some) and Japan is also pondering to close all nuclear reactors by April next year.

Sources for the French poll and debate: Rebelión[es], Il Manifesto[it].

A map of nuclear power danger in Europe (source and legend)

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