Thursday, June 16, 2011

More activists murdered in Brazilian Amazonia

Capitalism is terrorism but never as clear as when they directly murder their opponents, those who with their tireless compromise and solid principles of humanity challenge the pillars of this predatory system: greed and selfishness.

Obede Loyla Souza, 31, was murdered in Pacajá, Pará, apparently shot on the head not far from his home on June 9th. Months ago he had scolded some wood traffickers who had felled some valuable trees near the settlement of Esperança, where he lived.

He is just the last one of a list that is becoming bigger and bigger. As reported back in the day, on May 24th José Cláudio Ribeiro and his wife María do Espírito Santo were murdered also in Pará. Then Herenilton Pereira, possible witness of that murder, was killed as well. On the 27th farmer leader Adelino Ramos was killed in Rondônia, near the Bolivian border.

While the new President Dilma Rousseff has deployed more police in the region, this seems to be useless. Peasants and activists consider that only a very fast and radical agrarian reform can change the situation.

Source: LINYM[es].

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