Sunday, February 20, 2011

USA vetoes UN Security Council resolution against Israel (again)

Much speaking about democracy and peace and blah blah but at the end of the day it is actions what really matter. And the USA has again sabotaged peace and democracy in Palestine by supporting the racist genocidal state of Israel in one of the most widely criticized behaviors: the perpetual colonization of the West Bank and East Jerusalem at the expense of the natives in what is a systematic genocide. 

Yesterday, the UNSC agreed by 14 votes against one to condemn Israeli settlement policy as an obstacle to peace and because they are illegal under any interpretation of the laws and conventions that rule Humankind. 

But Obama had the face of vetoing this most basic resolution. That's what we call fascism and racism over here. So how does the White House pretend to be defending "democracy" when it supports Israel in its persistent genocide against the people of Palestine, when it keeps Guantanamo concentration camp open, when it invades Haiti, when it supports the dictator Porfirio Lobo in Honduras and the criminal cocaine mafias in Colombia and Mexico... 

The White House has no legitimacy. It had not under Bush but it has not either under Uncle Tom Obama.

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