Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to Greece

As said once and again, this impressive show of revolutionary determination and popular might that Arabs are showing off is not something isolated or specifically Arabic or Mideastern but rather a symptom of the slow and painful debacle of the exhausted late Capitalist system. 

Before it spread to Tunisia there was a mass uprising in Greece with good reason. And this uprising continues now as the country experiences the first general strike of 2011, including a repetition of the confrontation at the Parliament in Athens. 

As in Egypt, Greeks find themselves trapped by a government that is not serving the people but foreign interests and small elites. The main difference is that this government was elected but it was certainly not elected on this platform but the opposite one, so it's as good (or as bad) as Mubarak with the aggravation of deceit. 

I would not be surprised if this year we witness a revolution in Greece and other European countries (Ireland?) as well. Greece particularly has a very strong tradition radical left-wing struggle, both within and outside the electoral system. 

Ref. Gara, BBC.

Update: videos:

From (link 1, link 2).

Not sure but I think that the reason why the Molotov cocktails are so sticky is the use of soap in the mixture.

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