Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arab Revolution: Egyptian Junta yields to workers demands

From La Haine[es]

Striking workers at Egypt's largest textile industry, Misr Spinning and Weaving, sited at the industrial city of Mahalla and owned by the Egyptian state, achieved some of their demands after tend days of strike: a 25% increase in their salaries and the destitution of the company's manager, Fuad Abdel Alim, accused of corruption. They also got the payment of the days of strike. 

The Junta had threatened to force workers back to work but eventually realized they would not be able to do that, much less in the current circumstances of generalized unrest in Egypt and all around. 

The Egyptian revolutionary process continues through worker organization, protests and strikes. A new union has been formed: the Independent Workers Union, which has issued a manifesto demanding the re-nationalization of the companies that Mubarak privatized, freedom of workers' organization, the right to strike and the dissolution of the fascist labor union imposed by Mubarak.

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