Friday, February 4, 2011

Egypt goes to the streets again massively

The so called "Day of Departure" was the ultimatum drawn by the divided and weak Egyptian opposition parties, who are certainly not the leaders of this revolutionary movement at all but just hang around it rather uselessly. 

In any case the demonstrations on this Friday have been massive in Cairo and many other cities in Egypt.

Yet Mubarak does not want to leave (he says he does want but it's just a lie) and there is no mouse leader able it seems to hang the bell from the cat's neck. The ideal solution would have been a military coup complementary to the popular massive action but there is no general no colonel with the determination or clarity of vision to do it. Not yet at least. 

Arms for the people I say: I want the US second amendment (reight to bear arms) implemented globally, so the peoples of the World can take power on their own and oppose tyranny actively. I'm really tired of nonviolence: at some moment the line must be crossed and the tyrant shot down.

Nonviolence only makes sense when the leaders are more or less willing to listen to the people. But when there is no democracy and no freedom of speech, when police and death squads descend by night to kill you, it makes almost no sense. 

Weapons for the people! That is the only solution: second amendment for all!

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