Thursday, February 24, 2011

CIA agent caught red-handed was Al Qaeda terrorist

Raymond Davis, the CIA agent captured by Pakistani police after murdering two people... does not have "diplomatic immunity" as first claimed by the USA but, much worse, he is apparently responsible for terrorist activity and organization. 

Such is reported by Washington's Blog today.

And terrorism in Pakistan, like in Iraq, does not mean guerrilla style military activity (or mostly not) but typically means brutal massacres against civilians in attempts to create sectarian hatred that the Empire can exploit.

Raymond Davis is a CIA agent and had worked previously for XE Services, formerly known as Blackwater, a powerful US-based mercenary company. The White House has also admitted that Davis doubled as a so-called security contractor (mercenary). 

Several news outlets have reported that Davis worked with the Taliban in order to create insecurity in Pakistan. This is supported by his calls record, which includes communications with at least 27 different Taliban leaders and the fascist terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. 

His commando buddies have fled Pakistan.

According to the Russian intelligence agency (SVR), as reported by ANI, Davis was involved in providing biological and nuclear warfare materials to Al Qaeda. The Russian spy agency also says that Davis is a member of TF373, a black operations unit deployed in Afghanistan; they also claim that the two people Davis murdered were members of the all-powerful Pakistani secret service ISI.

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