Thursday, February 3, 2011

Many arrested in Pamplona

Twelve people have been arrested in the historical Basque capital under the standard arbitrary police accusation: attack against authority. 

Yours truly was already accused of that many years ago and I can tell you it is typically a false accusation (and was in my case). However, as Spanish penal law gives police agents' words much greater evidence weight than those of regular citizens, you have to prove them wrong or (most likely) hope the judge does not want to believe them too much.

Whatever the case, in this occasion the arrested, some of them minors, are accused of something that happened (if at all) many months ago: in the incidents of San Fermin fiestas, in July.

This is particularly odd because there should be no reason to have delayed the arrests for so long, so I am assuming it is nothing but another arbitrary political crackdown in order to sabotage the already quite difficult Peace Process. In this case we must point to the fascist mayor of Pamplona: Yolanda Barcina.

Eight of the arrested were already released conditionally yesterday, three of them are minors, while the other five are accused of attack against authority and public disorder. The remaining four will go through the judge's interrogation room today. 

One of these is also accused of throwing a bottle against a Spanish reveler, who suffered important injuries. This is the second person accused "with absolute certainty" of this aggression by the municipal police of Pamplona. The charges against the other accused were dismissed as groundless by the judge months ago.

The original incidents were not attacks of people against police but an attack of police against people who, in their full right, held a giant Basque flag and a banner in solidarity with Basque prisoners.

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