Sunday, February 27, 2011

Links Feb-27-2011

Sorry but I just can't focus on every single interesting article or event that is going on. Hence I'll have to synthesize with boring lists of links:

Yasmine Ryan explains very well why the Arab Revolution, the responsibility of Europe and the West in general, the role these regimes had been assigned in the Imperial order. At Al Jazeera.

The widespread criminality of banksters and why they are not put in jail. By Danny Schechter also at Al Jazeera.

Protests against the government in Croatia's capital, Zagreb. Video at

Interview with Julian Assange in Spanish at Página 12, via La Barricada... blog

More than 100,000 demonstrators in Wisconsin in the midst of a snowstorm. Video at

Iowa attorney who promised to put banksters in jail, now negotiating secretly with them. At Naked Capitalism.

Remembering March 3rd 1976, when a massacre against striking Basque workers was committed by then Minister of Interior and would-be conservative leader and viceroy of Galicia, Manuel Fraga. At Gara (in Spanish).

I won't pay movement goes mainstream in Greece, as people is angry by the demands of the global banksters. At Forbes.

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