Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egyptian Army involved in arrests, tortures and killings

British newspaper The Guardian reports of many arrested by the Army, beaten and tortured. Many may still be missing in the secret prisons of the Egyptian dictatorship. 

The reasons for the arrests are wildly diverse but essentially for sympathizing or being suspect of sympathizing with the civic uprising. 

The Army, made up mostly of conscripts has pretended so far to be a "neutral force", unwilling to attack the people. But the reality seems to be quite different, more so as the Armed Forces are the main beneficiary of the massive US military aid,runs a good deal of the Egyptian economy and the current government is made almost exclusively of generals, Mubarak being one of them.

Earlier, Euronews reported of military repression against protesters in El Kharga, a large oasis town in the south of the country, killing at least three. 

A blockade of the Parliament by demonstrators was also reported.

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