Friday, February 11, 2011

NATO forces train for crowd suppression

One of the few advantages of a conscription army is that soldiers may be unruly and pass info to the media. That's what happens in Greece, where soldiers organized in the Free Soldiers Network Spartakos denounced that they are being trained to attack and control crowds, a role improper of an army in principle.

The troops were rallied with the following discourse:

We are NATO-led force. We are not training to suppress crowds in Greece, but abroad. Tomorrow we can be ordered to go to Egypt to suppress the rebellion. That is our role!

So the role of NATO is to invade countries like Egypt... I had the surely wrong idea that it was to defend the national territory of its member states, like Turkey against the Israeli attack last year. But it seems not... it's to do the caprice of Wall Street and AIPAC.  

A video of the exercises is available at YouTube.  So good for military secrets...

This kind of stuff reminds me of that great book of the late 80s entitled Military Intelligence... 

It had all pages blank.

Source: ContraInfo

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