Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mubarak sends the terror squads in

Per the latest news, what we yesterday reported for Alexandria, where pro-Mubarak thugs attacked the demonstration, is happening today in Cairo. The information is much more clear for the capital. 

Apparently the military allowed some thousand or thousands of pro-Mubarak thugs with weapons to enter Tahrir Square, where maybe a million people has been protesting against the pro-Zionist tyranny.

At the moment they are attacking the people and handing them to police. The role of the army is unclear because there are some mentions that the pro-dictator thugs have attacked also military vehicles, but, on the other hand, they would not have been allowed in the square without military agreement. 

Probably we are about the moment in which the army takes sides: either with Mubarak  or with the Egyptian People. A military spokesman, Ismail Etman, made earlier an appeal to cease the protests (to no avail, of course).

In any case, even if without weapons, people in Tahrir Square is defending themselves against the fascist squads. 

Ref. Al Jazeera.

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