Saturday, February 26, 2011

Irish elections replace Tweedledee by Tweedledoom

I'm not sure what Irish people have in mind: they have voted out and nearly annihilated the historical Fianna Fáil, punishing it, along with their Green partners, for selling the country off to the vampire banksters from Britain and Germany. But... they have voted in their clone: Fine Gael, which has gathered some 36% of the votes according to preliminary results. 

Both parties are similarly conservative (maybe FG is even further to the right than FF?) and it probably requires one to be deeply acquainted with Irish politics in order to be able to discern one from the other. The platform of the Fine Gael has been one of austerity, not at all different of what the Fianna Fáil has been doing in fact, so what the heck!?

On the potentially positive side the left wing parties Labor and Sinn Féin have gathered 21% and 16% of the votes respectively. However Labor is only nominally left-wing and has traditionally collaborated with Fine Gael in the governance of the Republic. So we can expect another Fine Gael plus Labor coalition with a painful austerity program of subservience to Brussels, London and Berlin.

Source for the provisional results: Gara[es]

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