Sunday, February 6, 2011

Army and police shot protesters dead in Egypt

As the standoff between the Egyptian Nation and the Zionist-imposed tyrant continues, more images of crimes committed by the Egyptian state against the People are becoming known now.

From Al Jazeera:


  1. US National Guard was sent into the Sinai several days ago.

  2. I know. Washington Blog commented on it earlier.

    But it seems to me the usual 6th fleet deployment looking to secure the Suez Canal in case of chaos. The USA cannot effectively invade such a large country as Egypt (nor would want to get trapped in yet another West Asian mess).

    Thanks for the tip anyhow.

  3. "Middle Eastern", not "West Asian"... obviously not in the case of Egypt.

  4. Greetings Maju,

    I'm reading in the news that Mubarak promises to reform the points 76 and 77 of the Constitution, which stipulate the requirements to be president and the number of years of mandate, etc ... bla bla bla

    this is what people want?
    people have died for this?

    this dictator must throw the country and judge for crimes against humanity.


  5. "this is what people want?
    people have died for this?"

    No. Obviously not. What can I say?


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