Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's not forget Yemen: protests continue, similar as Egypt

Yemenis continue to protest in Sanaa and other cities against the pro-Saudi, pro-USA (and once also pro-Saddam Hussein) dictator Ali Abdulah Saleh. 

Some 20,000 opposition demonstrators rallied again in Sanaa near the University. 

As in Egypt, the President has promised not to stand in the next elections (in 2013) and has also rallied some supporters, apparently many. No violence has been reported yet.

Unemployment is brutal (40%) in the once called Happy Arabia (as it's the most fertile part of the peninsula) and there are other reasons for discontent: the bad unification process after the Cold War marginalized the South (in rebellion) and there are also important oppressed minorities, notably the Shia, who have revolted militarily

Source: BBC.

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