Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mubarak is a pathetic failure

The body count of the Mubarak-sponsored repression is clearly going above the hundred. More than 800 people were injured only in yesterday's confrontations between citizens and police-organized thugs, at least five were killed.

The thugs seem to be an amalgam of police agents in plain clothes, public servants sent to fight by their bosses and a diverse array of co-opted criminals from the now empty prisons of the African country. In many cases police badges or other evidence was obtained by the Civil Power. 

Anarchy in Egypt (for good)

What do I call Civil Power? I call Civil Power to the spontaneous and rather headless, yet persistent, tide of Egyptians taking effective power at Tahrir Square and other places around Egypt. This is how a Revolution happens and I sincerely appreciate the lesson the Egyptian People is giving the World on this, with their perseverance and resolution. 

Without a single clear organizer, the Egyptian people is showing the natural order of Anarchy, which so much has been chanted but so rarely is seen in action at such large scale.

Mubarak fails again

Mubarak is soo pathetic that he even sent a thug on a camel to attempt to quell the protests. This kind of thug use is very common specially in Morocco, where the government regularly mobilizes groups of people to attack dissidents and specially Sahrawis. The latest case was in the Youth Meeting of La Habana (Havana), when the Moroccan delegation was expelled after they attacked people solidarious with the Sahrawi Nation. 

I was informed firsthand how in Bilbao recently, the Moroccan consul offered passport or visa speedy service to people queuing if they attacked a pro-Sahrawi demo at the doors of the consulate. This is the kind of level Mubarak has: Moroccan-style petty fascism on a payroll. 

But he has not even been able to recruit enough thugs as to quell the Popular Power. He has been unable to arm them or organize them properly. If this is his last card: it is a very bad card and any honorable player would have resigned before even playing so low. 

It is pathetic!

The Army also fails

We have been told all this time how popular is the Army in Egypt. It is not really clear why or even if it's true but the Army has indeed avoided to clash with protesters so far. However it has also failed to heed the will of the people and arrest Mubarak, instituting a transitional junta. 

It also allowed Mubarak's thugs to attack the People. 

So the Army has also failed. And very much so. And the time to regain their popularity is running away.

Mubarak must be put to trial and hanged

More than 100 people killed by the government in one or another way is a clear case for the trial and execution of Hosni Mubarak and his accomplices. I sincerely think that Mubarak should not leave Egypt: that was maybe a good idea a couple of days ago but now, as he is not obeying the clear voice of the People of Egypt but frontally fighting against them, he must hit the cold concrete of a prison jail and be held them until he is judged or dies of old age.

You can follow whatever is going on in Egypt in many news sites, notably Al Jazeera. Nowadays as the Internet has been restored the sources of information are probably many and much more complete.

Update: Sare Antifaxista claims more than 300 killed and 2500 injured in the context of the ongoing Egyptian Revolution. They do not provide a source however.

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