Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strikes reinforce the Egyptian Revolution

The Worker Movement had been quite squashed by the tyranny's repression in Egypt but it seems to be coming to life again now. And they can really turn the tide because they can paralyze something so critical for global economy as the Suez Canal. 

Yes: Suez Canal workers are among those striking.

The Egyptian Revolution is looking good, with Tahrir Square and other locations across the country still full of people protesting day after day, almost two weeks after the Intifada began. 

In contrast the new dictator de facto, Omar Suleiman, aka Sheik-al-Torture, a very unpopular character for his role in police repression (yet highly favored by Israeli and Saudi oligarchies), threatens with all his little mind can conceive: more repression.

But it looks to me that if workers walk out, he has nothing to do other than run away.

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