Friday, February 11, 2011

Thousands surrround Egyptian TV, Presidential Palace

Al Jazeera's live blog on the Egyptian Revolution reports some 10,000 people surrounding state TV, not too far from Tahrir Square. More surprisingly maybe some 2000 people are reported at the Presidential Palace, located much farther away, in the Eastern outskirts of the capital. 

I imagine that it is very possible that tonight or tomorrow we will see some historical scenes like the takeover of the Bastille or that of the Winter Palace. This Revolution has indeed nothing to envy to the classical ones of Europe. Just that we do not know yet who plays Lenin or Marat, if anyone at all.

Update: the tyrant has fled to an unknown destination or to Sharm-el-Sheikh resort in Sinai Peninsula, depending on sources. However nobody in charge seems willing to go ahead with the necessary steps: removing Mubarak formally, creating a government of national unity and calling for immediate elections for a Constitutent Assembly.

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