Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tunisian Revolution: Gannouchi resigns

Breaking news: BBC, Al Jazeera

You blink and things have changed... interesting times we live through indeed.

Gannouchi was Prime Minister through the last decade under Ben Ali. As I just mentioned in another entry, some moderate Tunisians were willing to give him a second opportunity (and he was the dauphin appointed by Washington according to Wikileaks' cables) but he has wasted his opportunity stalling, repressing (with several killed) and robbing instead of leading much needed radical reforms.

The question is: now what?


Now  what? has been answered by the appointment of another interim PM: Beji Caïd Essebsi, a political veteran that was already Minister of Foreign Affairs in the 1980s under Bourgiba.

The demonstrators camped in the Qasbah are only partly satisfied however and have announced that they will continue their protest. While no media echoes their demands, of which Gannouchi's resignation was part, I imagine that the least they ask for is for a national unity government, the dissolution of Ben Ali's fascist party and the calling of elections for a constituent assembly in a short timeline.

One person was killed in further clashes. Others, accused of being Ben Ali loyalists, were arrested as well.

Sources: Gara[es], Al Jazeera.

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