Monday, February 21, 2011

Poisoned by BP and without even healthcare

James 'Catfish' Miller is a former oil spill cleanup worker, fisherman and also a vocal activist against political complicity with the Deepwater Horizon environmental and human genocide. He is now for the third time in hospital, poisoned by oil and corexit but, for that very reason, without official diagnosis.

He speaks from his hospital bed:

From Florida Oil Spill Law (includes also another video of him vomiting, if you need evidence of his condition).

Also, what some have been saying for almost a whole year, now "official" at BBC: the Gulf  of Mexico (or huge parts of it at least) is dead. Where is Greenpeace when you need them? I mean they collect donations to defend the sea and there's been no bigger crime against the Ocean in the last years than this one.

Also check up this testimony on poisoned children by the criminal negligence of the US authorities, who did not want to close the poisoned beaches.

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