Friday, February 4, 2011

European Parliament in Brussels suffers armed robbery

European Parliament in Brussels
This is kind of funny: two robbers, one of the armed robbed a post office in the EP building in Brussels (left) while MEPs were holding a meeting just a hundred meters away. 

They only got 8000 euros (not too much for such a high risk robbery) but they managed to flee the crime scene. A previous armed robbery in the same complex obtained 60,000 euros, a much more serious prize.

British MEP Fiona Hall, who arrived just minutes after the robbery took place declared:

For an armed robbery to happen - again - inside the European parliament means that the security system here is a complete farce. 


Source: BBC.

Anyhow it is possible to breach into NATO headquarters, it has been done before quite easily (I know personally some who did and I saw the video - quite funny the angry generals): there's nothing impossible in this life with determination and bit of luck.

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