Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin Labor Revolt video

Admittedly for me Wisconsin is a remote place (I placed that locator map to the left because I'm sure many other people has no idea where Wisconsin exactly lies) and without (yet) any other extension of the revolt against European-style draconian (and pointless) cuts to pensions and social services or the overall bipartisan autocracy, I was not paying much attention to the matter. Much less as there's a full fledged revolution going on from the Atlantic to the Indian oceans across the Arab World and some neighbor states.

But for some people in the USA this Wisconsin uprising is big stuff, specially as there has been quite a lack of popular mobilization in spite of the many attacks against the common citizens, be it with corexit and oil, with mortgage mills or with attributing civil rights to corporations so that now they can bribe their political minions openly and shamelessly.

So here it goes some fanservice to my US readers in form of this video (pointed to me by a reader) which does synthesize some of the most vibrant episodes of the Wisconsin Revolt with some nice music:

Hopefully, this is nothing but the beginning of a much needed shake-up also at the core of the Empire. Because let's face it: the Arab Revolution, while more virulent and dramatic because of the forced political underdevelopment of the area, is nothing but part of an ongoing global process of change, from which no single corner should remain exempt, much less the very heart of the beast.


  1. This is a huge deal. Not regime changing, but probably the most important episode in the American labor union movement since Ronald Reagan fired striking air traffic control workers almost thirty years ago. The outcome probably determines the fate of state and local government public employee unions in a large swath of the United States and could very well be a major influence on the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election.

  2. To me the trigger seems less important than the reaction because it's like a giant (the US-American People) awakening from its slumber in the face of increasing tyranny.

    When they explained me the why, I was like: WTF, isn't that something of the 80s, when Thatcher and all that? aren't we now totally again in the forth part of the cycle and not anymore in the reactionary one... haven't they even noticed what happened in Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, France...


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