Friday, February 25, 2011

Arab Revolution update: Algeria lifts state of emergency and other news

In yet another success of the widespread revolutionary process that is happening in the Arab World, the Republic of Algeria finally lifted yesterday (with timestamp from Feb 23) the state of emergency that had been in place for two decades since the civil war of the early 1990s. However the exceptional state remains active in the capital Algiers (Al Djazair) but only there.

Meanwhile in Yemen protests continue. At least one person was killed by a bomb attack in a separatist demonstration in the southern city of Lawdar. 

Source: Gara[es]


Meanwhile in Libya, Gaddafi has now blamed the uprising to hallucinogenic pills in milk and coffee. 

Libyan refugees in the Basque Country say that Gaddafi's power only exist because of Western finance and support. Let's recall that Italy specially but EU in general is highly reliant on Libyan oil exports. 

These refugees mentioned that Gaddafi's mercenaries are cleaning up the streets of corpses for the media in a pattern that reminds of what Mohammed VI did in West Sahara just a few months ago.

Areas allegedly controlled by each side according to some rebels (Al Jazeera)

Warning: NATO is plotting!

NATO is having an emergency meeting on the matter. No intervention is expected (other than to evacuate westerners maybe) but we should keep a tight watch for the case a colonialist operation may happen. In such case, we must do all in our hand to render the efforts of the imperialist machinery worthless. 

I'd suggest, if need be, taking the military basis right away by peaceful means, and blockading their logistics as well. If anything like that is done all across Europe, NATO should be rendered powerless rather easily. 

Source: Gara[es]

This post continues the coverage (updated more or less randomly) in this previous entry.


  1. The really notable part of the map is that it indicates that Tripoli is surrounded by "Liberated" areas. This makes the prospects for Gaddafi falling entirely look pretty good.

  2. Not sure how genuine is that map: there is something called propaganda, you know. The map I posted in the previous post, while much less complete is my own work based on direct info for each city and does not fully match this one.

    However I'd agree that Gaddafi is pretty much done.


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