Sunday, February 27, 2011

More news from the Arab Revolution: Libya, Tunisia, Palestine and Iraq

Some more news on the Arab Revolution from Uruknet (not even Al Jazeera can or wants to keep up with the pace and extent of the uprising)

Libyan rebels' racism may be causing a holocaust of Black Africans

The hype on blaming Black Africans of all ethnic groups as mercenaries of Ghaddafi is causing it seems racist massacres of people who are not mercenaries but workers or refugees:

Turkish construction worker told the 'BBC': "We had 70-80 people from Chad working for our company. They were cut dead with pruning shears and axes, attackers saying: 'You are providing troops for Ghaddafi.' The Sudanese were also massacred. We saw it for ourselves."

However this is not the case everywhere: stranded Chadians have also been helped by revolutionaries to return to their home country.

Three killed in Tunis by the collapsing dictatorship of Gannouchi

Clashes have continued this weekend through Tunisia, including the capital, with many injured in both sides and three killed.

While some Tunisians were willing to give Gannouchi the benefit of doubt by allowing him to lead the transition, now even these "moderates" are tired of the continuity of robbery and repression and the total continuity of Ben Ali's regime with another face.

Gannouchi conceded on Friday to elections before July but the people does not seem interested anymore: he has wasted the opportunity that the generous (and I'd dare say somewhat naive) Tunisian People have offered him and the remaining politicians of Ben Ali's regime.

The Revolution also in Palestine

Well, I guess it was all the time there as well. But it has been reactivated.

On February 25th, the citizens of Hebron, along with Israeli and international sympathizers, went to the streets demanding the reopening of the centric Suhada Street to the Palestinians.

As nonviolence seems to fail, the situation in Palestine appears about to explode: Third Intifada, the final one?

Iraq: tortured and killed as protests extend: Green Zone besieged by demonstrators

Demonstrations have been held these days through the state.

Thousands may have been arrested and tortured according to credible testimonies and in some places (Baghdad, Fallujah, Kurdistan) even killed.

There are reports that the Green Zone, which hosts the government and the occupation forces' headquarters, is being besieged by demonstrators who demand electricity, a decent wage and an end to corruption.

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