Monday, February 7, 2011

Five killed and 50 injured in new Tunisian clashes. Algerian sets fire to himself

The North African Revolution comes back to the West:

Four people killed and some other 50 injured at El Kef, NW of Tunis

According to Gara, citing EFE, some thousand people protested against the corrupt police chief of the town, to what he replied ordering to open fire. Two men (19 and 46) were killed on the spot, while other two died upon arrival to hospital. Some other 50 people were also attended in the hospital.

Riots continued until late at night anyhow, with several police vehicles burned at the police station.

Another murdered by police in SW Tunisia

Another person, 18, was killed by police at Kebili. Police agents shot a gas canister directly against him at short distance resulting in another case of institutional murder.

People were protesting against the new governor appointed by Ben Ali's Prime Minister, M. Gannouchi, who was formerly in charge of Kasserine and was well known for being corrupt and bad manager.

They also impeded state TV from filming because they consider that it is still in the hands of Ben Ali's minions. Three journalists were injured.

This is the third uprising this week in Southern Tunisia, since three political prisoners were burned alive at local police station.

Self-immolation in Algeria

A young unemployed man from Ain Defla, West of Algiers, set himself on fire while crying against oppression. Police agents impede him from burning and brought him to hospital.

This happened after some one hundred unemployed people from around the country had organized a peaceful sit in before the Ministry of Work. Upon Police attack, which caused two injured, this one attempted to set himself on fire.

Tahar Belades, of the Algerian Committee for the Defense of the Rights of the Unemployed, declared:

We have come from afar to demand an end to oppression and we have been answered with batons against our heads.

After the aggression two representatives of the unemployed were received by the authorities. Belades explained that they demanded work and dignity and an end to abusive job cessations and ill treatment against unemployed people.

Demos called in Algeria for next Saturday

The Algerian National Coordination for Democracy and Change (CNDC), formed by the main opposition party RCD and human rights and other popular organizations, has called a national demonstration in Algiers and other major cities like Oran, in demand of political change and the abolition of the state of exception, in force since 19 years ago.

Source: Gara[es]: for Tunisia, for Algeria.

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