Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The non-existance of Al Qaeda

The real Al Qaeda leaders
Black Agenda Report has today a relatively interesting article on how the USA and Al Qaeda are the best of frenemies (=friend+enemy), what is in agreement with my perception of Al Qaeda and related Islamist terrorist groups being mere reactionary satellites of US imperialism, used now as cannon fodder for Washington's imperial battles and then as ghostly pretext for more direct interventions in the "colonies" or for fascist legislation and practices at home (for example the USA is under emergency law since 2001, or humiliating full body scans/body searches at airports, legislation against the right to bear arms, legalization of arbitrary murder and detention without charges, etc.)

However maybe even more interesting is the video-link provided by a commenter who argues, not without reason, that Al Qaeda does not exist but is just a facade for CIA in certain parts of the World. Informative documentary indeed (15 mins):

Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 2 por corbettreport

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