Monday, April 29, 2013

Greece: 15,000 public servants to be fired

The Parliament of Greece passed a new EU-imposed law that allows for the firing of some 15,000 public servants, some of which may be offered early retirement, in the current and next year.

It also allows for the state to hire workers for significantly less than the minimum salary. Hence the new public servants will earn a ridiculous €490 (€427 if younger than 25), what is a clear recipe for continuity of corruption.

The new law was passed with 168 for and 123 against. Considering that the electoral law gifts 50 extra seats to the more voted party (ND), this is clearly short of a genuine majority, because 168-50=118, which is five votes less than opposition. 

Again the bourgeois legal cheats trump democracy.

Source: Naiz Info[es].

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