Sunday, April 21, 2013

Britain: Ken Loach promotes new party: Left Unity

One can hardly imagine a more charismatic figure in Britain (or even all Europe) to lead an attempt to reorganize the Left, the Working Class, into a unitary project. Whether it succeeds or not is something I can't foresee but it's clear that something like that is very much needed. 

The new embryonic party is known so far as Left Unity and you can find more information at their site.

You may also want to read what The Commune has to say about it (mostly welcome):

Left Unity was initiated by Andrew Burgin & Kate Hudson, both of whom use to be in George Galloway’s Respect – itself an attempt to build a left alternative to Labour. Burgin & Hudson are married & have both been involved with the Stop the War Coalition. Hudson is the General Secretary of CND & was previously in the Communist Party of Britain. Burgin use to be in the Trotskyist Workers’ Revolutionary Party, as was the film director Ken Loach.

With such revolutionary pedigree, the hope is that Left Unity will try to be something more than ‘old’ Labour. That it can attract the support from the myriad revolutionary groups of Britain’s left who have often spent more time attacking one another than the common capitalist enemy...

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