Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Basque Country: police arbitrarily forbids protest before the home of politician

The Platform of Mortgage Affected People (PAH) organized a protest before the home of Leopoldo Barreda, MP by the Spanish-nationalist and ultra-reactionary People's Party, in demand of approval of the popular legislative initiative on foreclosures debated these days in the Spanish Congress and against the lack of action against banksters' abuses. Police arbitrarily forced them to move away 300 meters. 

This protest mode before politician's homes, demanding them to actually represent the people and not just the interest of some mafiosi, is known as scratching ("escraches" in Spanish, obviously from English). 

The text, the man holds (click to expand) reads: scratching is the near-last peaceful attempt of a people that demands to be heard. Those representatives who cannot bear the closeness to electors must quit. In democracy it is the people who rules.

On Thursday they are calling another protest at the general assembly of the BBK, public-owned Basque savings bank that owns 53% of Kutxabank, which is heavily implicated in murderous foreclosures and evictions. Somehow the directives of BBK managed not to have a single scheduled minute dedicated to Kutxabank at all, let alone the foreclosures.

Source: Bilboko Branka[eu].

Also there were protests before the PP see in Pamplona → Ateak Ireki[es] (with video).

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